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Source: - 2 hours ago
Category 4 Hurricane Matthew is headed toward Jamaica and may strike the island within the next few days.
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Source: - 56 minutes ago
Hurricane Matthew has been downgraded to a Category 4 storm as it continues roaring across the Caribbean Sea on a course that puts Jamaica, as well as parts of Haiti and Cuba, in the path of its potentially devastating winds and rain. The U.S. National Hurricane Center called it the strongest ...

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Source: - 2 hours ago
The Chief Minister said surgical operations were appropriate in dealing with terrorists and the government should continue to be aggressive in this regard.
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Source: - 21 hours ago
Chicago Tribune endorses Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for US president

Source: - 18 hours ago
Jacob Hall on life support after Townville Elementary shooting

Source: - 11 hours ago
Indiana State Capitol Police officer comforts young IPS student who was having a ‘bad day’

Source: - 13 hours ago
Baby girl found dead after being thrown from window

Source: - 1 day ago
@inafried , @alex , @MattGoldstein26 , @blakehounshell and 8 more

Source: - 1 day ago
An NJ Transit train crashed into the station in Hoboken at the height of Thursday's morning rush, leaving twisted piles of metal and bricks and causing part of the highly trafficked terminal to collapse.

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Source: - 42 minutes ago
Above graphic is perhaps a new poll for you. Here is the Times Picayune data. Today is when post debate poll data should start to roll in. USA TODAY's Editorial Board says Trump is 'unfit for the presidency '. I am picturing Donald Trump at 3 am roaming a Trump hotel scarfing up issues of USA ...
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Source: - 1 hour ago
Five years ago, Hillary Clinton reached one of the least-noticed diplomatic agreements of her tenure as secretary of State — a deal obligating Japan to continue paying nearly $2 billion a year to help defray the cost of U.S. troops stationed on its territory. The money is used to build housing...

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Source: - 5 hours ago
Friday, September 30th CITY CENTRAL LEAGUE Belmont 70, Legacy 34 Bernstein 48, Roybal 0 Hollywood 34, Contreras 14 EAST VALLEY LEAGUE Arleta 52, Sun Valley Poly 21 Chavez 44, Monroe 21 Grant 20, Verdugo Hills 6 EXPOSITION LEAGUE Fremont 17, Rivera 6 West Adams 19, Rancho Dominguez 18 NORTHERN ...
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Source: - 4 hours ago
Hurricane Matthew picked up strength Friday and is now a category 5 storm. CNN's Derek Van Dam looks at Hurricane Matthew's possible path.

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Source: - 16 hours ago
‘Issues’ with Trump’s mic affected sound in debate hall: presidential debate commission WASHINGTON — The organization that oversees the presidential debates says there were “issues” with Donald Trump’s audio that impacted the sound level in the debate hall Monday. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (L) speaks as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton listens on ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Megyn Kelly Can’t Believe Trump And His Team Won’t ‘Shut Up’ About The Size Women Are Supposed To Be Of all the subjects discussed in Monday night’s presidential debate, Hillary Clinton’s final attack — where she dragged out Donald Trump’s disparaging comments about women — has left the most lasting impression. Since then, the world has become reacquainted with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado ...

Source: - 19 hours ago
On, Wisconsin? Football’s Biggest Surprise Has Almost No Chance Of Surviving October Unscathed Getty Image With most teams a third of the way through their season already, it’s time for a reality check. How much of what we’ve seen so far can we really trust to hold up? It’s safe to assume, for example, that the early malaise at LSU isn’t going to be lifting anytime soon. But what about the ...

Source: - 7 hours ago
Jordan Meets A Cranky Trump Fan

Source: - 3 days ago
Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton: All Debate Interruptions | TIME

Source: - 3 days ago
5 Moments Hillary Clinton Took Control of the Debate | ELLE

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