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Source: - 4 hours ago
„Wer wegen Israel (oder Trump) zum Antisemiten wird, der war längst einer!“ - Deutscher...Am 21.07.2014 schrieb ich hier : Wenn Dr. Dieter Graumann, Präsident des Zentralrats der Juden in Deutschland, heute in einem offenen Brief schreibt: In diesen Tagen erleben wir alle eine schreckliche, schockierende Explosion von Antisemitismus in diesem Land. Auf deutschen Straßen hören wir ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Santa-Hating Pastor Ruins Christmas

Source: - 4 days ago
Is Donald Trump Losing His Mind Or His Teeth?

Source: - 12 days ago
The Fastest Thing Ever On Earth (Explosion Wednesday?)

Source: - 2 days ago
Snow accumulates on N.J. highways

Source: - 3 days ago
Preview: Everything You Love About The Holidays | SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO

Source: - 1 day ago
هل أنت من سكان الإمارات؟ إليك خطوات استخدام Apple Pay Cash

Source: - 4 days ago
Senator Al Franken Quits Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations | TIME

Source: - 5 days ago
Democrats In Congress Just Tried To Impeach President Trump | TIME

Source: - 9 hours ago
Whenever there is a tempest in a teapot, the Arab and Muslim Jew-hate comes out When things get stirred up in the Middle East, the (sometimes) latent antisemitism shows its ugly head. Three examples, all prompted by the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Egypt's Al Masry al Youm has an article that pretends to argue that Israel isn't a state to begin with, but ...

Source: - 4 days ago
Will Duffy’s Cross Examination of Matt Slick Will Duffy’s Cross Examination of Matt Slick This is the show from Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 SUMMARY : * Program Summary : After a news update on sexual harassment about John Conyers and Mary Tyler Moore, Bob airs the beginning of Will Duffy's cross examination from this past weekend's Open ...

Source: - 4 hours ago
A visit with Santa Sid is a Mall of America holiday tradition

Source: - 3 days ago
Kelsey Hightower, Google | KubeCon 2017

Source: - 4 days ago
Amazon Prime Video for Apple TV!

Source: - 3 days ago
News from China Boost Rise in Oil Prices The news from China boosted a rise in oil prices. Oil traders were encouraged by China's trade balance report. Last month, the trade surplus came in at 40 billion 210 million dollars. At the same time, the exports rose by 12.3%, while the imports advanced by 17.7%. Meanwhile, the import of Crude ...

Source: - 977 days ago
Startup teams with Mario Batali to fight hunger List Building for Beginners It is said that when it comes to online business, the gold is in your list. This is true in the offline world as well, where a company’s database is one of its most valuable assets. List building for beginners is a topic many people discuss, but doing what actually ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Star Wars The Last Jedi First Reactions And World Premiere Report - The John Campea Show

Source: - 5 hours ago
Bitcoin futures start trading

Source: - 21 hours ago
Fox News Retracts Roy Moore Accuser Lies

Source: - 26 days ago
What Alabama Does To Pedophiles

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