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Source: - 23 hours ago
Tony Burman: In Trump vs. Comey, the loser is America Fired FBI director James Comey’s new book savages Trump, but doesn’t fully redeem the author, writes Tony Burman.

Source: - 1 day ago
Totally Legit Government accidentally sends file on “remote mind control” methods to journalist Government is just a word for the things we do together. At gunpoint. Held by perverted psychopaths.


Source: - 22 hours ago
Trump Tees Off on Negative Media Coverage: ‘Should Be Getting Good Stories’ President Donald Trump capped off another chaotic week of news out of Washington on Friday by — you guessed it! — tweeting, this time gloating about his approval rating and making America great again while spewing alternative facts. The president once again attacked the media on Friday for its ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Each Day That Passes, Pressure Grows For Chemical Inspectors Waiting In Syria An international inspection team has been waiting for nearly a week to investigate an alleged strike in Syria. Former inspectors say the delay will complicate their efforts. (Image credit: Ali Hashisho/Reuters)

Source: - 1 day ago
Democrats Sue Russia, WikiLeaks And Trump Campaign Over Election 'Conspiracy' The Democratic National Committee laid out a legal theory about a conspiracy against the 2016 presidential election, but the case is unlikely to go anywhere. (Image credit: Branden Camp/AP)

Source: - 20 hours ago
North Korea suspends nuclear and missile tests, state media says North Korea says it has suspended nuclear and long-range missile tests and plans to close its nuclear test site.

Source: - 22 hours ago
Problem Solving: Truck Carrying Excavator Finds Clever Way To Make It Up An Icy Hill This is a video from St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada, of a truck hauling an excavator finding a clever way to make it up an otherwise impassible icy hill by using the excavator's bucket to help push the truck forward, apparently ripping up big pieces of asphalt in the process. They also hit the power ...

Source: - 19 hours ago
Barbara Bush’s Public Viewing Brings 2,500 Admirers At least 2,500 people went to pay their respects to former first lady Barbara Bush, walking past her rose-covered, silver casket inside a Houston area church at her public viewing on Friday. The former first lady, age 92, passed away on Tuesday after declining further medical treatment. ABC News ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Go Green & Stay Chic With These Gadgets, Products, & Fashions To Help You Celebrate Earth Day I rounded up the best products for you to help celebrate Earth Day! From eco-friendly beauty and fashion to gadgets that help make the earth a better place, to products that give back and do good, check out my picks to help you go green and stay chic below! You should give a crap about the Earth! ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Morgan Stanley Downgrades Apple Citing Weak iPhone Demand in China In a recent note to investors, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has cut its price target for Apple stock ( AAPL ) to $200 from $203 over concerns that soft iPhone demand in China could lead to a weak June quarter. Citing “weak China data” as a primary reason, Huberty said that the June quarter ...

Source: - 8 hours ago
RIVALS 2026-2027 DISCUSSION ***** COACHES •All new jobs are 2 years minimum •Create a coach, make the Alma Mater a school you want... PLAYBOOKS must be the school you choose or a Generic PB, cannot change throughout the season •New members at any point have to start in the American conference • Postseason: Any players that ...

Source: - 9 hours ago
Why Isn’t President Donald Trump Attending Barbara Bush’s Funeral?President Donald Trump will not be attending former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral today. There has been tension between Trump and the Bush family since the campaign, and some have speculated that this is why he may not be attending today. But there’s another factor in play. It’s actually highly ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Hundreds of mourners line up to pay final respects to former first lady Barbara Bush Bush’s body will lie in repose from noon to midnight Friday at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston. The former first lady died Tuesday at her Houston home. She was 92.

Source: - 5 hours ago
You Can Now Officially Earn A ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’ College Scholarship Fortnite It seems like only yesterday I was reporting on the first few schools that were starting to give out eSports scholarships, and everyone was laughing at them. Well, some people still may be laughing, but the practice is much more widespread now, and moving into bigger and bigger programs. ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Friday hawt chicks & links – The give peace a chance edition.The Friday hawt chicks & links thread is brought to you by the numbers 6 and 9, the letter X, the all new McDonald’s fillet o’ fish, the pope, the king of Norway, the Association of Scottish line-dancers, and the new amazing beer – where have you been all of my life – that I just discovered, ...

Source: - 1 day ago
DJ and producer Avicii has died at 28 Swedish DJ and producer Tim Bergling, known by his stage name Avicii, has died at the age of 28, his representatives told Variety.  Bergling retired from touring in 2016, citing a series of health concerns that included acute pancreatitis, in part due to excessive drinking, he told Billboard at ...

Source: - 1 day ago
A solar shock wave cracked Earth’s magnetic field last night, but everything is fine Around 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday night, an interplanetary shock wave slammed into Earth at supersonic speed. The density of the solar wind quadrupled and cracked open Earth’s magnetic field. Planetary K-Index skyrocketed. Bright, colorful aurora, visible to the naked eye, lit up the night ...

Source: - 22 hours ago
A Red Sox affiliate is trolling the Yankees with a special promotion The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have baseball’s most famous rivalry. And after the latest brawl between the two teams brought the Red Sox vs. the Yankees front and center again, the Red Sox Triple-A affiliate is getting in on the action and spinning the renewed rivalry into an entire ...

Source: - 23 hours ago
Google to Introduce ‘Chat’ for Android to Compete with Apple’s iMessage In its continued effort to compete with the ease and seamless integration of Apple’s iMessage, Google is now planning to introduce ‘Chat’ for Android, which is based on the RCS, or Rich Communication Services, a new standard for SMS texts. According to The Verge , Google has been persuading every ...

Source: - 1 day ago
Artist Caught Cold Stone Creamery Tracing His Works For Ad Campaign Image via Adam Ellis and featured with permission Ice cream chain Cold Stone Creamery has been caught ripping off an artist's work for its promotional marketing campaign for an outlet in India. Unfortunately the company was caught by the artist himself, Adam Ellis, a former employee from BuzzFeed. ...

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